I have a lot of experience with rainbows and dawgs.
The only real thing they have in common is that they make Ms. Mae very happy; almost giddy really.
Every time I am fortunate enough to experience another ~

I am utterly amazed how each one can take my breath away.


Currently, SadieMae has my heart and full attention.

Fortunately for both of us, she is being transferred to a new facility with immense possibilities for training ~

A fresh start with a new family outside of Small Town USA.

Most week day mornings I awake with the help of five different alarms set at 15 minute intervals.

One of such said alarms is an old radio alarm clock.

This particular alarm setting is on my absolute favorite radio station.

I love listening to the worlds most facetious Dj morning show every damn day.

Especially on Fridays.

The Dj plays some old funk that this generation has no clue exists and I love it (not limited to Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr)!


I awoke from a dead sleep to hear the worlds most facetious Dj say:

“Where’s May(Mae)?”

“Some people around here are glad Mae is gone.”

Oh no he didn!

I have been listening to this radio station since I was a wee girl and my older sisters would crank up the tunes ~ dancing while they did their weekend chores.

Maybe I should take it as it is ~ a subliminal sign not to daydream any longer about the worlds most facetious Dj?

Wondering if his deep sexy voice matches the image I have conjured in my imagination?

Or the fact that I know it matches and so do our kisses?

Or just maybe If he really wants Mae to be gone ~ he should use The Mouth and at the very least say it over the phone….

Or just maybe I will switch radio stations and go about pretending he is gone and be happy about it?

Some addictions just are not worth keeping.

No matter what the end results are I will ~

As Always ~


Ms. Mae

You know thosekids…

The ones who claim to be the “Cool Kids?”

We need to talk right now.

I get being in the tween-preadolescent-adolescent-age where you just want to have your drivers license already and do things more independently!

Really I do!

Believe it or DO NOT ~

Ms. Mae was once on that roller coaster of Hormonal Hell !

I still am… Somewhat.

The one important thing is to use all that popularity and coolness for those who do not feel as confident in their surroundings.

I do not mean start a charity or GoFundMe bullshit.

I mean, tell the quiet girl in math class you like her hair, her shoes, her BRAINS for the love of goodness!

Tell the overweight boy in gym class that when he grows into that massive body ~ he might be the shizzle at football or weightlifting classes.

Pick the kid who is always picked last for any activity ~ FIRST!

Compliment the kids who play in the band or orchestra ~ music is a gift everyone can relate to!

BE the Cool Kids that are cool and popular for all the Great Reasons ~ Showing kindness Is Cool.

I promise in the short term of middle school and high school in life ~ you will gain more popularity that will continue throughout your lifetime which is the most important!!

If I need to remind you ~ I will!

Therefore ~

As you start each day remember this:

1. Learn BIG!

2. Be Kind To One Another!

And as always Kids ~



~ Ms. Mae